The Danish rock band set all emotions ablaze


Joyce marked themselves as a significant act on the Danish music scene in the difficult year 2020.

The band released the critically acclaimed debut album Formskifter (‘shapeshifter’), which brought several of their songs in rotation on Danish radio, they managed to play a series of sold-out concerts before everything shut down, and they were part of a number of TV shows, including P3 Guld and DR2's 2020 celebration of Roskilde Festival.

Formskifter is a captivating record, characterised by the promise of the title: It changes style and mood numerous times along the way. At one point, the songs can appear melancholic and anxiety-filled, the next they can turn into anger and put tension in the highest gear. Extremes are at work here, and Joyce wins big on the fact that they sound like no one but themselves.

Now, Joyce is prepping their second album. So far, they have released the single “Lev beskidt” (‘live dirty’), and the sound has grown bigger and with a slower tempo. The circular guitar riff and the inciting cowbell call for some kind of reflection. It’s music made for bigger concert halls, which goes hand in hand with how Joyce has grown in popularity. More music is on the way – full of guitar crunch and great songs – so when it’s time for Roskilde Festival again in 2022, Joyce brings songs from a brand-new album.

Joyce is a band that has been hungry to play live again. They should have played at Roskilde Festival all the way back in 2020 – so it feels good and right to invite them back now that they have grown from being upcoming talents to a whole other level.

If you're among the lucky ones who've caught the band alive, you know they're giving everything they have got, making your ears flap.