Saturday 2 July 2022
Intimate techno-pop


Kelly Lee Owens works from somewhere in the shadows. At least that’s how her music sounds. Her dark, atmospheric and resonant techno-pop speaks like secrets being spilled.

She is one of those artists with an instant pop appeal, someone who seems to have a natural knack for producing tunes that instantly make you want to move. She first surfaced via collaborations with artists like Daniel Avery and Ghost Culture, but the world soon learned that this producer has a special knack for creating her own music that really makes you... well, feel.

Norwegian tastemakers Smalltown Supersound certainly agree, signing her for an EP after hearing her tribute to Arthur Russell, named “Arthur”. Credits on Daniel Avery’s crossover hit “Drone Logic” and a later remix of oddball heroine Jenny Hval on her EP Oleic meant that Kelly Lee Owens was one to take seriously from the get-go.

Her debut album was released to widespread acclaim in 2017, cementing her position as a member of the techno community with the scope to reach levels of recognition well beyond the club. She made her debut at Roskilde Festival the following year.

In the difficult year 2020, the Welsh sound maker returned with the much praised album Inner Song. She let the cold and the warm meet in her sounds, and she merged the tight structures of pop with the more extended club grooves. And after some good advice from Four Tet’s Kieran Hebden she even lets her own vocals flow on top of several tunes.

Kelly Lee Owens knows how to build live sets, going from dreamy and lush towards the more frenetic. The dancefloor is ready for you!