Monday 27 June 2022
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Emma Libner and her sex panel present a live ‘problem page’ on stage.

How do you relate to sexuality in Roskilde? What happens to consent when the bass is pumping and you’ve had a fair share of alcohol? Do feel like experimenting with your sexuality because your boundaries are different when you’re at a festival?

Get answers to your questions and dilemmas when Emma Libner and her sex panel answer questions from the audience on stage in our community centre Flokkr.

In a good old ‘problem page’ style, you can submit your question by the stage and the best issues/questions will be addressed. You’re welcome to ask questions about everything from body and sex to menstruation and mental well-being when you are at a festival.

Emma Libner is a trained journalist and MA in Culture and Communication, and she is the woman behind the blog, podcast and Instagram profile Kh Underlivet where she focuses lovingly on gender, body and sexuality. Kh Underlivet is the place where you can ask difficult questions and where blood in the panties and wet spots on the sheets are not something to be be ashamed of but something we all have in common – no matter who you are.