Wednesday 29 June 2022
Brazilian music for the 21st century mixing the legacy of the Brazilian progressive golden age of the 1960s with punk, avant-garde and African polyrhythmics.

With experimental guitar techniques, raw vocals and lots of analogue echo, Kiko Dinucci creates a poignant take on Brazilian contemporary music and a vital soundtrack for his hometown of São Paulo.

Dinucci draws on samba and bossa nova and on a debt to Brazilian pioneers like João Gilberto. But he finds just as much inspiration in punk band Fugazi, heavy metal, freejazz and polyrhythmic music from Africa.

This eclectic approach is unlikely to surprise those who have followed Dinucci in the band Metá Metá who have also previously enriched Roskilde Festival with their psychedelic and jazzy take on samba.

With the 2020 solo album Rastilho, the Brazilian equilibrist added a new exciting chapter to his ongoing musical venture. The album was nominated for a Songlines award in 2021. No wonder why! It really is an impressive achievement that bridges the gap between Brazilian past and present, between folklore and modernity, between tradition and avant-garde. It is also an album that really emphasises how inventive and versatile a guitarist Dinucci is. It also shows that he is an unorthodox but exciting vocalist, and we can’t wait to see him live at Roskilde Festival 2022.