Thursday 30 June 2022
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Danish artist Kim Mejdahl performs with his musician alias Kim Kim for an electronic concert with mad visuals

Multi-artist slash freakazoid Kim Richard Adler Mejdahl is a graduate of the Funen Art and the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, and he releases electronic music under the alias Kim Kim.

With a big party bus and a cheery mood, Kim Richard Adler Mejdahl drove into people's TV rooms last summer in the TV programme Kunstnerkolonien (‘the artist colony’)(available here). He has also made a name for himself with his genre-breaking concerts that blend film and visual art with music.

Kim Kim aims to create a sound, a voice and a visual expression that can contain eco depression, material debris and still open a door to the unimaginable and fantastic.

The 2016 debut album Amulet offered basement electronica followed by the award-winning animated music video "No Ozone", in which Kim Kim is eaten by magical rattlesnakes.

In 2020, he released a collab mixtape, Long Hair Don't Care, with Polish artist Femmexy. It’s full of deconstructive club tracks and noughties nostalgia.

Now, Mejdahl has been awarded a prize by the Danish Arts Foundation as part of the talent programme ‘the young art elite’, and this year he is releasing the new album Liljegrotten (‘the lily cave’), which the artist describes as a heavy metal church concert performed by witches singing psalms about a world in a climate crisis where man looks at nature like a monster. The songs on the album is made out of sound recordings from 1000 guests from Mejdahl's solo exhibition of the same title at art institution Overgaden, and it thus becomes the largest Danish co-created sound art.

Kim Kim takes the room with a full-on queer attack, and when he takes the stage at Roskilde Festival 2022 it will be with a back catalogue of boundary-pushing electronic music and mad visuals.

Curated by Solvej Helweg Ovesen