Thursday 30 June 2022

Plays as part of the Thursday programme

Industrial noise-mongers bash both scrap metal and their instruments for a punishing trip into the darkness

When a band picks its name from the harshest and grittiest album by industrial pioneers Einstürzende Neubauten, you probably shouldn’t expect feel-good pop music.

On the contrary, this Australian post-industrialist trio creates a unique brand of primitive noise.

Kollaps takes you on a harrowing journey through utter darkness and despondency, a place where guitar riffs are thrown out and replaced by sledgehammer percussion and waves of abrasive distortion.

Many of their instruments – or should we call them implements – could have been picked up from the local dump site. They include scrap metal, springs and other industrial waste. Augmenting this cacophony are harsh percussion, periodic bass and guitar noise, and blistering, distorted vocalisations in the vein of the noisiest moments of Swans records. 

Kollaps has released two albums – Sibling Lovers (2016) and Mechanical Christ (2019) – both of which deliver a journey of distorted sounds that is sure to make your skin crawl – in a good way! The band is currently prepping new material which should be out sometime in 2022. Don’t expect any sunshine from this lot!

The Melbourne band has something of a reputation for incendiary live shows bordering on the violent. The band members are that involved with the apocalyptic noise they produce.

The sounds they conjure up are the depiction of a hopeless, senseless world society. There is plenty of distress to wallow in here.