Monday 27 June 2022
Icelandic noisemakers with an anything-can-happen philosophy

Korter í flog is a band that refuses to be pigeonholed. It would be difficult to however hard you tried. But they make a hell of a racket. Perhaps it’s appropriate that their name means ’15 minutes to a seizure’.

Somewhere down between the notes, the noise and the voices you can sense an influence from krautrock, post-punk and no wave – genres that go against the grain.

Whenever Korter í flog find a groove they stick with it. The same goes for their rhythms. It may be chaotic, but it is certainly structured.

When Korter í flog play concerts, they always appreciate (expect, perhaps?) the audience’s participation. In fact, they have a so-called open-source stage policy, which means that everyone is invited to join them on stage. When they play club shows they don’t charge an entry fee. The band believes that music should be free and freely enjoyed by anyone.

Korter í flog released their debut album in 2017, Lög til að slá við vol. 1. They have also released further two uncompromising albums, Anna & Bernhard Blume (drepa alla fasista) from 2019 and hvað segiru king from 2020.

Expect nothing, look forward to everything. In the company of Korter í flog you never quite know what will happen but you bet it will be a memorable experience when the Icelandic band plays Roskilde Festival 2022.