Friday 1 July 2022
Layered kaleidoscopic music of unpredictable proportions. Very unique!

L’Rain is the musical persona of singer and multi-instrumentalist Taja Cheek, whose new album, Fatigue, begins with a lyrical question: “What have you done to change?”

What follows is a woozy and cinematic journey of self-discovery put together like a jigsaw puzzle with unconventional pieces from different sets. Here we get tuneful singing set to seasick melodies, home recordings of practicing piano, clapping games and everyday life.

There are enough layers in this music to please a My Bloody Valentine fan and enough soul in this music to feed into any love of Motown. The looped guitars and synths cross with echo-y vocals that teeter between soul and R&B crossed with dream pop whispers. Done properly and chaotically at once.

L’Rain presents a sound that is all of her own. It’s both unsettling, curious and comforting listening.

So, moving back to the first question asked. L’Rain has done everything to make change happen with her music. There is art here, of its own kind, of its own mind, of its own time.