Thursday 30 June 2022
Get up early and come enjoy a morning raga from one of India’s finest musicians

Lakha Khan is hailed as the greatest living exponent of the sindhi sarangi (bowed string instrument). Moreover, he has received a Padma Shri which is the highest civil award for art and music in India.

Lakha Khan has contributed greatly to Rajasthani and Multani folk and Sufi music – and he is a voice of unity.

Lakha Khan’s music will embrace the audience like the warmth of the morning, shower the blessings of the Gods, bring the audience into a divine ecstasy and infuse new energy for a brand-new day at Roskilde Festival.

Lakha Khan will awake the audience with the enchanting sound of the sarangi. The morning ragas are always played in the morning – as a result we rarely get to hear these ragas at concerts. However, the Gods must be woken up in the morning so that they can look over the festival-goers all day long and enjoy the music.

Look forward to a special show presenting both bhajans (Hindu devotional songs) and Sufi kalams (Muslim devotional songs) from some of the greatest poets of the 16th, 17th and 18th century.

Do notice that this concert starts at 10:00 (the earliest slot we’ve got!), so get up and wake up the right way to the sounds of Lakha Khan.