Sunday 26 June 2022
A new Danish rap talent refuses to stand still

Lamin has quickly emerged as a rapper to watch out for. And don’t you dare to blink or you’ll find him a whole other place!

He is a playful artist in everything that he does. The 26-year-old naturally navigates a Danish hip-hop scene that is constantly changing.

In the difficult year of 2020, he released his first EP, TOUR. Even back then, he showed lots of promise, and he was quick to follow up with a debut album, Hva ved de om Lams (‘what do they know about Lams’), in 2021. It was an album that sort of disregarded all the rules of how Danish hip-hop should sound. It was full of features from Danish leading acts such as Artigeardit, Sivas, Karl William, Benny Jamz and childhood friend 5star.

And why stop there? Lamin and Artigeardit flew down to Greece, and in a whirling buzz of ouzo and sunshine they made the spontaneous EP New Agenda.

It shows a perfect playfulness, which with Lamin exudes both energy and a huge talent.

Lamin still does not stand still. 2022 has already given us new music. "Æstetisk" (‘aesthetic’) was chosen as track of the week at Danish radio station P3, which means constant airplay, and at his concerts constantly bigger crowds keep coming in.

When Lamin performs at Roskilde Festival 2022, his star will probably have grown in size. Catch him on the Countdown stage for a show that will get the party started!