Sunday 26 June 2022
Sunday 26 June 2022

- Tuesday 28 June 2022

The organisation is present at Roskilde Festival to activate and engage you

Roskilde Festival has joined forces with The Green Youth Movement, Fridays For Future, LGBT + Danmark and UngEnergi. Together, the four organisations have prepared lots of different content based on their different activist works. They all share a community of action where music, art and creative expression are the catalyst for commitment.

All this will unfold both on our Flokkr stage and on the campsite in the first days of the festival. After this, the project will head out on a small tour with stops at Folkemøde Møn (19-20 August 2022), Ungdommens Folkemøde (7-8 September 2022) and GRASP (6-8 October 2022).

Pride Parade Banner workshop
Be a part of co-creating a 1x3 metre banner that expresses the connotations of safer spaces. The banner will be used in a LGBT+ parade in the campsite.

You can also create art and banners for your own camps. 

This is an experience-based approach to the concept of safer spaces, explored in continuity through the three initiatives regarding circumstances and context.

Safer Space Panel
Who has the right to feel safe in which spaces? A panel of three queer activists and a moderator will focus on this question when they talk about Safer Spaces on the Flokkr stage. The panel will explore and define “safer space” as a concept and talk about what it means to them. They will focus on how safe spaces can be created at a festival with a special focus on parties at Roskilde Festival to lead up to the following event on the Flokkr stage.

Safer Space Floor
A party is only a party if everyone feels safe, especially at a festival. LGBT+ Danmark is hosting a Safer Space Party in Flokkr and invites you to partake in a queer music dance party.

The music will consist of different traditional queer music genres – from 80s disco to modern synth-pop – and show the development in queer club-culture, how it used to be, how it is now and what it hopefully will be like in the future. 

There will be a team of hosts to go around and welcome new participants, with the rules of the safer space floor.

The event is a queer safe space. Every gender identity, sexuality and race is valid. No hate or disrespect will be tolerated.

About LGBT+ Danmark
LGBT+ Danmark is Denmark's biggest and oldest political organisation for lesbian, gays, bisexuals, trans, queer people and those that break with norms of gender and sexual orientation. We fight for the right for everyone to live their lives regardless of their identity through rights-based work, safer spaces and social changes – locally, national and globally.