Saturday 2 July 2022

Plays as part of the Saturday programme

The Lebanese electronic musician confronts conventions with experimental sounds.

How do you capture the sound of a society falling apart?

Let’s ask Liliane Chlela.

She is known for her distinct sound treatment, pushing the boundaries of sound, movement and listening.

And sometimes the answer to the question above can be as simple as an accordion note slammed viciously until rendered tuneless. Listen to the track “Bahr Ghettas”, and you can hear it for yourself.

The track is from Liliane Chlela’s latest album, Safala (2021). It plays with an unchartered combination of sounds tapping into an intensely dark place.

The songs veer from brutalising beats to ambient and tender soundscapes, channelling some of the tension and passion that coursed through Lebanon’s streets since nationwide protests broke out in 2019. The Lebanese electronic music producer was hospitalised after being injured in the first days of the protests. Since then, she escaped the country and moved to Canada.

Liliane Chlela’s cutting-edge music is not always easy on the ear and it demands a lot from its audience. But one thing is for sure, it will make you feel something!

Step into the darkness and into the sound world of this amazing Libanese artist. She will shake you up!