Friday 1 July 2022
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Through a composed world of sounds that cross electronic Afrofuturism and ambient, Linda Lamignan creates a meditative og healing atmosphere. 

Experience a performative concert by Linda Lamignan together with Noella Birisawa, Raven Storm og Deodato Siquir in Ambereum.

Through storytelling and music, the concert conveys a sense of flowing between different realms of culture while also striving to create an atmosphere of healing and unity for guests who feel alienated by Western ideas of normativity.

The concert, which is called Images from Our Body, Like Water from the Sea, is a perfect opportunity to reflect and immerse into a collective realm of healing in a hectic festival setting.

Linda Lamignan works with film works, music, objects and performance. Lamignan’s art works explores notions related to wandering and diaspora, transformation and love. Lamignan graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of fine Arts in 2019 and also has a bachelor from Oslo National Academy of the Arts.

Linda Lamignan is presented in collaboration with the Bikuben Foundation. Lamignan is a part of the foundation's studio programme which focuses on artistic development.

Other artists in the studio programme are Marie Munk and Jens Settergren.