Friday 1 July 2022
Fury, despair, faith. This is emotional gut-punch music that sounds unlike anything else.


Kristin Hayter wants you to deal with her in ways much different from how you usually experience artists in concert. Her vocals oscillate between tearing, gut-wrenching screams and mournful singing.

The experiences that Kristin Hayter build her music upon are also intense. And often unpleasant.

She calls her project Lingua Ignota, which is Latin for ‘unconstructed language’. Hayter’s musical language is something very original, and she tries to construct something that speaks the unspeakable.

The San Diego-based musician first started turning heads with the self-released album All Bitches Die (2017), one of the most abrasive and unforgiving albums from that year.

In 2019, she released Caligula on extreme metal label Profound Lore, which offers more anguish and power(lessness). There are moments on the album that feel one riff away from a harsh, brutal black metal song and other moments that feel like an industrially tinged goth opera. It’s not a metal album – and yet one of the most brutal things you’ll hear (the critics love it).

In 2021, Lingua Ignota once again triumphs in her dark ways. The album Sinner Get Ready (the critics are once again raving) takes us into a tangled relationship with Christianity. Kristin Hayter sings about judgment, despair and devotion seen through the lense of faith. The most harsh sounds from earlier are gone, and now you can hear choral polyphony, crashing percussion and traditional porch and church sounds.

But don’t think that everything is pure harmony and clean singing (it’s that too, though) – it’s ambiguous, beautyful-ugly music that sounds unlike anything else.

If you want to experience a soul-cleansing, terrifying type of show that will leave you drained of pretty much everything, step into the world of Lingua Ignota.