Thursday 30 June 2022
Boundary-pushing electronic artist putting lots of emotions into her sounds

Loraine James makes restlessness an aesthetic, producing music that is constantly jolting, jerking, twisting, jumping and moving one way or another.

She makes so-called ‘hybrid music’ that explores a wide genre map – from experimental to twisted pop, from drill to R&B, from techno to ambient – and turns the whole thing into a fractured, yet consistent and dreamlike whole.

Her electronic productions are deeply textural. The time signatures are challenging and rushes of beats twitch and glitch around each other almost like free jazz.

Loraine James’ 2019 album For You and I garnered widespread critical acclaim, topping end-of-year lists in The Quietus and DJ Mag.

Despite struggling with some lockdown isolation in the middle of a rising success, her momentum has only ramped up.

2021 gave us Reflection, which encompasses watery dancehall, R&B and icy rap with a host of exciting guest features. Much like all of James’ works, Reflection is undeniably entangled with the artist’s experiences as a young Black queer woman.

Loraine James’ latest productions have been hailed as “heartfelt”, vulnerable and soothing and prove to be as rife with emotion and observations as they are with technical virtuosity.

While the pandemic prevented James from performing her club music live, it’s clear that the electronic producer took all that pent-up energy and channeled it directly into her recordings. That’s how we get details of sensuality, fear, anxiety, joy and sadness in the technically skilled productions.

Now, we can’t wait to invite Loraine James on stage to unleash her experimental sounds that will both challenge and soothe you. Catch her at Roskilde Festival 2022!