Sunday 26 June 2022
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Did you know that trash also floats in space? Louise Lessél has built an interactive light sculpture that can track what floats way above our heads.

How much trash is passing by right now, over your head, unnoticed?

We invite Louise Lessél, art and installation designer, New York University, to give a presentation on the subject of space trash and lead a debate with the audience.

The main topic will be the effect our information age lifestyles have on our environment, and how we can help solve it from a community perspective.

Louise Lessél will also present her project “The Armillaries” to capture the senses and imaginations of the audience.

Playing on one of the armillaries, you’ll be able to hear what is otherwise invisible. The laser strings, which are only noticeable when interrupted by hands or smoke, create a metaphor for the invisible problem of human pollution, which – unbeknownst to most – already extends beyond earth and into space.

“The Armillaries “is a project from 2021, constructed as a series of interactive light sculptures tracking live satellite orbits and real-time space debris passing by above, just like the armillary spheres of the past tracked stars. The amount of debris affects the installation and the sound emanating from each armillary, creating a beautiful and at times cacophonous data soundscape.