Monday 27 June 2022
She crosses genres and sounds with her unique take on indie pop

Note the name Lo Ersare who operates under the artist name Lucky Lo. We can consider us lucky to come across her curious take on indie pop.

Originally from Umeå in Sweden, Lo Ersare moved to Copenhagen in 2014 as a street musician. You could find her by the canal playing the banjo. She has also spent time in Japan, and she has listened intensely to Bulgarian vocal music.

All of these inspirations have been a starting point for her alternative pop music.

She released her debut album Supercarry in 2022 on the Danish label Tambourhineceros. It has been received with open arms (see Danish-language reviews here and here), and you easily see why.

The Swedish musician plays and experiments with her music that grows like wild plants full of beautiful flowers. One song can sound like baroque pop, another like folk and yet another like something from a far-off part of the world. Always with curious and catchy melodies and with Lo's vocals floating on top with a timbre that is both deep and rich and light as air.

She has also been involved in Danish musician Asger Nordtorp’s project Guldimund – more specifically, she sang on the track “Tror du på engle?”. Nordtorp, incidentally, also acts as a bassist in Lucky Lo's band.

The grass in front of the Rising stage should be adorned by four-leaf clovers when Lucky Lo plays at Roskilde Festival 2022.