Saturday 2 July 2022
Deconstructed club music

Meuko! Meuko! is a solo project of Taiwanese artist Pon, an experimental music producer and live performer.

She shapes her experimental electronic music after the bustling sounds of the city of Tapei she lives in.

Pon builds her sound worlds of an array of samples and synth notes. She uses modified toys (she brings them on stage when she plays live!), samples from old cassette tapes and various animal sounds.

Her songs have a claustrophobic feel by means of her collage-style approach, with noises tumbling over one another to form a cacophony reminiscent of daily city noise. You’ll stumble upon siren-like flutes, weird chants, rushing wind, scraped metal, stuttering percussion and lots of imaginative textural elements.

Pon first gained attention as a vocalist and synth player in indie-pop group The Shine&Shine&Shine&Shine, an outfit whose melancholy jogs are a world away from the fractured beats she’s gone on to create.

In 2018, Meuko! Meuko! released the debut album Ghost Island, which came out on Aïsha Devi's Danse Noire label (if you dig her work you will definitely take a liking to Meuko! Meuko!). The album is like a travelogue through a fictional dystopian world (if Tapei seems too real for you!). Otherworldly and alluring and something to get lost inside!

When Meuko! Meuko! plays live – she calls the show ’無形將軍Invisible General’ – she adds a wealth of distorted visuals to go with the live mixes. So, prepare for an audio-visual show that will take you into a universe of its own!