- Saturday 2 July 2022

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Looking forward together through a huge pair of glasses

How does the future look? And how is your eyesight?

Mike Ballard is an English artist. At Roskilde Festival 2022, he is doing an art piece in the shape of a huge pair of glasses that all festival-goers can wear together to look forward to the future as one.

Taking inspiration from the visual noise in the urban environment, Mike Ballard creates abstract compositions, sculptures and installations that are sure to transport us to a state of in-between-ness.

The glasses are made as a big installation. As with all of the artist’s sculptures, Mike Ballard is interested in taking material that normally represents a threshold of ownership and protection of property, and transforming it from sheet form into a 3D structure of its own, to be admired for its un-painterly qualities and the ‘witness marks’ of the time it stood on the street.