Friday 1 July 2022

Plays as part of the Friday programme

Masked trio plays political hardcore hip-hop that makes you go bananas

Our guess is that this trio are not Putin fans, but you’ll be the judge...

Moscow Death Brigade is a self-proclaimed “circle-pit hip-hop” band consisting of Boltcutter Vlad, Ski-Mask G and Ghettoblaster G-Ruff. All members wear balaclavas because of threats from right-wing extremists in the Russian music scene. They are not out to scare you (that much).

They infuse their politically charged, socially informed and intelligent music with the anger of hardcore and a whole heap of punk-rock attitude. You’ll also notice a great deal of electronic elements, bringing some cool rave vibes to their sound.

Initially created as a DIY team back in 2008, Moscow Death Brigade has its roots in Russian progressive social movements and the graffiti underground scene.

The band’s progressive social messages against war, racism and other kinds of discrimination speaks through their angry music.

The band has released three albums, Hoods Up (2015), Boltcutter (2018) and Bad Accent Anthems (2020), and each and everyone one is celebrated for high-octane call to arms and insistence to party hard.

The band has lots of energy, and it rubs off on the audience (check this clip for some live madness). Thankfully, Moscow Death Brigade is a constantly touring band, and they have been around Europe many times. Now it’s time to bring this hardcore party monster to Roskilde Festival. Join the madness!