Tuesday 28 June 2022
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Young Norwegian rapper is paving the way for new generations in Norway

The story of Musti is the story of a search for identity. It’s also an empowering story of making it as a female rapper of colour in Norway.

Musti was just 18 years old when she burst onto the scene with a fiery energy. She played at the Norwegian festival Øya before having even released a single. Shortly after followed her debut album Qoyskayga. The title is Somali and means ’family’ – a theme that occurs again and again in her lyrics.

Being born in Somalia, having lived in London and currently residing in Norway, Musti can juggle three languages and cultuires, and her sound is as unique as her background.

Having lived in London means that she listened to a lot of British rap. That’s lcear when listening to her own songs which have picked up much more sound from grime than from US hip-hop or any other Scandinavian flavour.

Musti sharpened her skills under the wings of Nora Collective who also manages established Norwegian acts like Arif, Unge Ferrari and the producer duo Kastel who has helped come up with the right sound for Musti’s music. Her songs appears like an open diary that reveals thoughts and secrets about responsibility, love, identity and family translated to urban music. If you look at any reviews of her material, everybody agrees that Musti is not only the real deal but also the next big thing.

Catch Musti at Roskilde Festival 2022 when she takes the Countdown stage.