- Saturday 2 July 2022

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The artist produces a human-sized sculpture of an ancient moon god to watch over all festival-goers. In addition, she will do a performance.

Like an alien serpent, a reproduction of an ancient sculpture will tower above all guests in the foyer of the Gloria stage. It is created by visual artist Nanna Lysholt Hansen

The sculpture is called Ningul and is a Sumerian moon god who gave birth to the belligerent goddess of love Inanna. Through history, stories have told of Inanna whose feminine sides are not only caring and sexy but also hostile.

Together with Nanna Lysholt Hansen's performance – which is a chanting and enchanting bedtime song for her daughter, full of feminism and care for the environment – the sculpture becomes a common mother for the viewer, the Inannas of the future.

The performance takes place on Friday 1 July at 13:45 in Gloria Foyer.

Nanna Lysholt Hansen mixes economics, ecology, diseases and feminism in her practice. In the performance, we also learn how the planet Venus, which is linked to Inanna, has been destroyed by huge amounts of CO2 emissions from its volcanoes. Inanna is our future for better or worse.

Nanna Lysholt Hansen is an artist, writer, researcher and labour doula based in Copenhagen, Denmark. In her work she investigates relationships between the body, language, voice, gender and technology. She holds an MFA degree from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art in Copenhagen, Denmark (2011) and a BFA degree from Kingston University, Faculty of Art Design & Music, London, UK (2005). In 2019/2020, she became a certified birth therapist.