Get ready for a dance-insisting evening slot when three electronic artists offer midriff-strengthening beats and great party vibrations.

When the sun has gone down, we open the doors to the Apollo stage. Club-friendly sounds are on the agenda. We offer a special club session with three sharp artists who will indeed appeal to your dancing muscles.

N.E.Girl (plays at 21:30) is a Kenyan born, English raised and Danish resident. She is a DJ who has earned respect in the Copenhagen and London club environments.

She describes her sound as 'dark, techno-infused bass-driven stuff'. This means that dubstep, jungle and grime are often heard genres in the mix side by side with electro, breaks and techno.

One of her mixes has been praised by the tastemakers at Pitchfork. N.E.Girl is also part of the record label Solumn Records.

Peachlyfe (plays at 22:15) is Petra Skibsted who has set out to wipe out the norms of today’s music industry as we know them. The non-binary artist has created the moniker Peachlyfe for this purpose. Between 2016 and 2018, Peachlyfe released a cassette-based trilogy – each chapter is called BeachBleach and Preach – singing about being non-conform, both in terms of gender, sexuality and music.

Peachlyfe has in recent years turned towards club music. That means fast, hard-pounding techno beats combined with dark synths. It’s a soundtrack for a dark trip down the rabbit hole. Just have a listen to the album Swamplyfe from 2021 and the collaborative EP with Sugar (listen here). Look forward to a high-energetic dance party when Peachlyfe takes control of the machines.

Sugar (plays at 23:00) is a Copenhagen-native producer and DJ. He’s also the co-founder of the rave makers in Fast Forward Productions. Sugar’s sound is dedicated to fast, groovy, melodic and pounding techno. He has released music on prominent labels like Euromantic, Courtesy’s Kulør, Hector Oaks’ KAOS imprint, Blue Hour music and Mama Told YA.

Recently, Sugar has released a handful of EPs: I Worry on Euromantic and Eyes Cream on his own label Perfumery Recordings. Moreover, he has teamed up with Peachlyfe and released the EP Ultra Harmonizer – A Different Kind of Beast (listen).

Look forward to a set from one of Copenhagen’s sharpest techno producers who will make the pulse of the music beat as fast as your eager heart.