- Saturday 2 July 2022

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We have a new venue. It’s called Platform. It enshrouds you completely and ensures that the experiences in here get your full attention! Platform is designed by NLÉ Works.

A new year calls for something brand-new at Roskilde Festival.

How about a new venue?

We present Platform.

Platform is a dynamic space that can be transformed from a closed blackout space into an open event space through simple reconfiguration of its entire walls by hand.

Platform offers a wide degree of flexibility to accommodate a smaller, intimate group of people with a single performer or expand to a large gathering of over thousand people.

Platform is designed by NLÉ Works. NLÉ is a design and development practice for innovating cities and communities led by renowned architect, designer and development strategist Kunlé Adeyemi.

Platform is a sequel to NLÉ’s “A Prelude to the Shed”, New York (2018).