- Saturday 2 July 2022

Producer and musician Noah Rosanes will lock himself inside a mobile studio 24 hours a day throughout the festival. From there, he will create musical works in collaboration with up to 30 selected musicians who have played or are present at the festival.

The goal of Unify, which is the title of the work, is to create musical works where diversity is in the driver's seat.

Musicians from all ends of the spectrum will be invited to put their fingerprints on the musical artwork.

Noah Rosanes will produce the work Unify based on the material that is recorded during the four days of the festival. Spoken word recordings will also be created with stories from festival-goers, their thoughts about Roskilde Festival and what the festival means for themselves and for our society.

It will be possible to follow the process from outside the studio on the festival site and witness the creation and recording process when the selected musicians are locked into the studio during the festival.

Unify is the summary of the sound and atmosphere of Roskilde Festival 2022 with beats created from found sounds from the site and musicians across genres who work together to create a joint work, Unify.