Friday 1 July 2022
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The Ugandan label is hosting a six-hour dance night with hectic rhythms and body-challenging sounds.

Put on your dancing shoes!

Nyege Nyege delivers a high-energy pulse for your party-seeking bod for a five-hour dance night.

Dance is a most life-affirming phenomenon. Nyege Nyege knows all about that.

In the Ugandan language of ganda, Nyege Nyege means ‘an uncontrollable urge to dance’. Over a number of years, Nyege Nyege – which is both a record label, an agency and a creative hub for artists across the African continent – has made Kampala a focal point for today's most innovative electronic music.

Nyege Nyege presents a handful of DJ acts who collectively will get the party going in the course of six hours in our special hang-out place Ambereum.

Look forward to meeting:

De Schuurman creates high-energy music, which is based on a mistake where a dancehall track was played too fast on the turntable. With a throbbing 4/4 house beat, the genre bubbling emerged. De Schuurman hails from the Dutch city of The Hague and represents the Black diaspora. His hyper-dancehall music should probably put your body in intense motion.

Authentically Plastic has been dubbed the "Demon of the Nile" by conservative media in Uganda where the Kampala-based DJ and producer challenges the norms with a mix of electronic music and political activism. Authentically Plastic organises the club ANTI-MASS which is dedicated to femme and queer artists. The DJ mixes gqom, acid house, techno and Afrofuturist soundscapes.

Hibotep is an Ethiopian DJ who defines herself as a cultural nomad. She is also a filmmaker, fashion designer, installation artist, rapper and producer – and the prevailing modus operandi is that rules exist to be broken. In her DJ set, it is only natural that hip-hop and house meet African styles like Kenyan taraab and Moroccan gnawa in a collage of sound.

brings an electronic synthesis of sounds from Mali, Ghana and Uganda and has a stated mission to make you dance until you forget your own name. Rest assured that you will remember Pö's name.

If you are interested in other Nyege Nyege-affiliated acts at Roskilde Festival 2022, we recommend checking out DJ Diaki, Duma, Kabeaushé, MC Yallah & Debmaster and Nakibembe Xylophone Troupe.