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Meet the Uganda-based label that brings chaos to the digital dancefloor and empowers artists across the African continent


Want to try something different? Something that will make your body move and your head bop along (or spin!). Get a taste of (some of) the sounds of Nyege Nyege Tapes, the celebrated Uganda label focusing on “outsider music from around the region and beyond” (their own description).

Nyege Nyege was founded in 2015 by Burundian Derek Debru and Greek-Armenian ethnomusicologist Arlen Dilsizian. Their initial goal was to create a festival that could showcase the vibrant East Ugandan music scene to an international audience. Soon, a label followed in the wake (check out some of their releases here), and now the organisation has also added a training hub for aspiring artists.

Nyege Nyege translates to ’a sudden and uncontrollable urge to dance’, and that describes the aim of their scene quite perfectly. The Kampala-based collective has a locally rooted sound mixed up with electronic music, for instance trap, footwork, Tanzanian polyrhythms, Ugandan wedding music and hard trance. Out comes a sound that really challenges a Western understanding of what African music is and can be.

In a matter of few years, Nyege Nyege got the world’s attention (at least of those interested in adventurous music!) – and today they are considered one of the coolest festivals on the globe.

In 2020, Roskilde Festival Charity Foundation gave a donation to Nyege Nyege for their Community Arts Incubator which also welcomes women and non-binary people to express themselves artistically through a DJ school, producer training and through releases. The donation helped the organisation through a tough time and helped them flourish.

At Roskilde Festival 2022, Nyege Nyege will play a substantial part of the line-up. We will present a number of Nyege Nyege-affiliated artists who will play at different stages throughout the festival days. We will let you know soon enough who they will be (still working out the booking details so hang in there).