Monday 27 June 2022
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Controversial and sensational. ODZ is a razor-sharp rap trio from Stockholm who doesn't hold back.

Things never go down quietly when ODZ is in town.

ODZ is a Swedish hip-hop collective that has gradually grown more and more popular in their home country.

The group consists of three lads from southern Stockholm. They have been active since 2015 when they released their self-titled EP Original Dunder Zubbis.

The trio have been described as everything from 'scandal group' to 'gangsters'. This is due not least to the group's controversial texts about drugs. And they may romanticise drugs, which is something the Swedish media have focused on in particular. But behind it all is a hard-working group that has largely insisted on doing things themselves. And they have been very successful with their venture!

ODZ quickly grew out of the underground where they hung out with both skaters and graffiti painters. Songs such as "Anna Book", "Helt crack" and "Maddafakka" have become banger hits among all lovers of the hip-hop scene in Sweden.

ODZ loves a bit of mystery. They are anonymous and masked, and all three members call themselves Edward Smith. They want it to be about the music.

And the music is reckless and powerful which is best experienced live where the group is a charging, bombastic force. Just watch this live recording from their home field in Stockholm where they are hailed as heroes.

Make sure you get to experience fantastic Swedish hip-hop phenomenon when ODZ takes the Countdown stage at Roskilde Festival for a show that will make the ground shake and work you up.