Saturday 2 July 2022
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Atmospheric and droning sludge metal

OMG! A fitting abbreviation for a stunning, super heavy, sort-of-super group. Because, oh my god, are Old Man Gloom heavyweights in metal madness.

Old Man Gloom was formed by Aaron Turner (Sumac, ex-Isis) in the late 90s, and he invited members from Converge and Cave In into the fold. The mission was to create sludgy doom metal. Now, seven albums in, you can easily say that they have succeeded.

The band’s mixture of R-rated sledgehammer riffs and brooding atmospherics gives them a distinction from others in the genre – and it’s best experienced live.

All members scream or add clean or distorted vocals, and there's no shortage of electronics, pedals and unnamed noisemakers.

Old Man Gloom has been an on-off type of existence, taking their time between albums and rarely touring. But now the band is currently making itself a primary activity.

The group has enlisted Stephen Brodsky after the loss of bass player Caleb Scofield who died in a car accident. They keep the OMG engine running to honour their former bandmate.

In 2020, the band released two albums both of which add new chapters to their Seminar series. The albums are called Seminar VIII: Light of Meaning and Seminar IX: Darkness of Being and they share plenty of darkness, noise and well… gloom.

If you’re up for an experimental sound, which combines huge epic rhythms with experimental noise, ambient elements and dark and heavy atmosphere, Old Man Gloom is your go-to band.