Friday 1 July 2022
All-embracing, free-wheeling and full-frontal Jap-punk attack that will leave you breathless

Otoboke Beaver is fun and unpredictable. And they play

Just listen to their album Super Champon, which came out earlier this year. It blasts 20 songs in merely 18 minutes.

‘Champon’ is a Japanese noun that suggests a hodgepodge or a jumble (or a soup). An apt title for an album full of head-on, maximalist songs that change direction all the time, leaving you confused and amused all at once.

The band – comprising lead vocalist and guitarist Accorinrin, guitarist Yoyoyoshie, bassist Hirochan and drummer Kahokiss – have said that ’champon’ also relates to their “genreless” music.

Perhaps we should call the music genre-ample. You can hear elements of speed metal, riot grrrl and pop music – and, of course, lots of punk rock!

The Japanese band’s music is crammed with hyperactive noise. The kind of energy you get when you have eaten way too much sugar.

Otoboke Beaver’s music says ‘no’ – no to capitalism crippling demands, no to patriarchy and no to common decency. It all lives inside their uncanny delivery and their wacko time signature shifts. The band is proof that fun and fury easily transcend language. When the music fades out, you are left winded and laughing.