Sunday 26 June 2022
Get your sex toy knowledge straight – and dare to talk about it. Peech offers both a workshop and a quiz

How much do you know about sex toys?

You probably know something but how much can you talk to others about it without flushing?

Peech invites you to a workshop where they will showcase and explain sex toys, what they can do, what is on the market and which wild and innovative products are available today.

Peech sells sex toys from their shop in Nørrebro in Copenhagen (and online) so they are experts in this field. And they really want to detaboo the subject of sex toys.

Join the sex quiz and win hot prizes
Maybe you're a bit of an expert as well. There is at least the possibility to find out.

You can take part in a quiz with hot prizes up for grabs.

Peech will quiz you in a classic format with categories such as sex education, sex toys, the body and sex. The quiz will be both educational, entertaining and fun. Your host is Peech babe Kathrine Graa. The quiz is for teams and you can win nice prizes from Peech.