Monday 27 June 2022
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New self-made hip-hop act is ready to step into the scene

When talent and persistence go hand in hand, things can really happen.

Such is the story for Frederik Pind Schmidt, better known by the artist name PIND.

He taught himself how to produce and rap. Then he found a sound that could resonate. His approach is some kind of stream-of-consciousness rap, which has led some media outlets to compare him to Danish rapper Benjamin Hav.

So it was quite obvious that PIND and Benjamin Hav would team up, which was exactly what happened in the song ”Plastic” taken from PIND's debut EP Videre (‘onwards’). The song became a solid hit, and that made all kinds of music lovers prick up their ears and start paying extra attention to PIND.

Then things went fast!

This year, his debut album LOTUS was released. Just as with the EP, everything is written and produced by PIND himself. The record is his highly anticipated entry ticket to the Danish hip-hop scene.

PIND will play at show at Roskilde Festival 2022 as well. Catch him on the Countdown stage.