Saturday 2 July 2022
Intimate bubblegum breakbeats calling for a “new nostalgic”. She’s just been awarded as the sound of 2022!

Her songs are short, cheeky and heartfelt. They caress you gently and then they are gone in a flash. But they work wonders, and PinkPantheress has become one of the fastest-rising in the world right now.

PinkPantheress found her audience on TikTok. In fact, her moniker is also her TikTok handle. It all started with the 90-second earworm “Pain”, which garnered the 21-year-old musician a label deal with Parlophone as well as fans in stars like Clairo and Giveon. TikTok even named it the “breakout track of the summer”.

In October 2021, she released her debut mixtape, to hell with it (10 songs in 18 minutes!), on which she constructs webs of feeling. Just listen to her breakout hit “Just for Me” which has been called a certified classic.

Her songs are like lullabies or dreamlike pop songs. They use curious, unobvious sampling and busy breakbeats. PinkPantheress’ lush and subtle vocals offer a soft embrace, like a deep hug on the dancefloor.

She digs into some kind of Y2K nostalgia (she calls her music ‘new nostalgic’). Imagine a revamped version of Everything But the Girl who also combined drum’n’bass with introvert heartache. But PinkPantheress brings a special kind of freshness to the table – and the dancefloor. Her breathless and adventurous songs lull you in, and you quickly understand why she has been hailed as “genuinely sweet, genuinely interesting, and genuinely great.”

Most lately, PinkPantheress has topped the BBC Sound Of 2022 poll, gaining votes from tastemakers across the music industry. Again, it points towards the fact that she is an artist to be keep an eye (and ear) on. She’s just getting started!

Catch her on the way up when she plays at Roskilde Festival 2022!