Wednesday 29 June 2022
The tattooed trendsetter is ready for a blast of a party at Roskilde Festival 2022

A lot has happened since Post Malone first entered the music scene with the single ”White Iverson” back in 2015. You get all dizzy when trying to count and sum up all the huge hits he's released since then.

”Rockstar” (one of the most streamed songs on Spotify ever!), ”Psycho”, ”Better Now”, ”Sunflower”, ”Wow” and ”Circles” are just some of them. They all went straight to the top of the charts.

Post Malone is the frizzy, face-tattooed, beer-pong-playing, croc-designing "Rockstar" who writes killer hooks. He's also the sensitive guy who can make songs about being an emotional wreck ("I Fall Apart").

The 26-year-old New York-born, Texas-raised and L.A.-based musician is a complex artist who really succeeds in everything he sets his mind on. During the corona lockdown period, he even convinced everyone that he could also sing Nirvana songs.

Post Malone does things as he sees fit – and he disregards any genre restrictions. He moves seamlessly from trap and hip-hop to country and pop.

Post Malone is a character the world has been waiting for. Some kind of superhero created for this time. He is a loving goofball and a creative chameleon who instinctively understands how music can be created in new contexts. That's why his records are like perfect playlists bouncing back and forth between styles.

Post Malone has collaborated with lots of other artists. The list is very long and includes acts like Young Thug ("Goodbyes"), Swae Lee ("Sunflower") and Ozzy Osbourne ("Take What You Want").

He also hosts his own festivals. Posty Fest is the name. He's arranged three of them in his home state of Texas.

So, Post Malone knows all about what it takes to play at a festival like Roskilde. He manages to create phenomenal shows with full throttle on all effects. His songs easily reach the back rows and he can create intimate spaces even from the biggest of stages.

This global star is going to take Orange Stage in style. You can almost already hear the numerous chants for 'Posty'.