Friday 1 July 2022
Plays as part of the Friday programme

Masters of sludgy doom will play loud and heavy!

Bleak. Cruel. Heavy.

Words that describe the music of Primitive Man.

For even the most masochistic of heavy music lovers, the nihilistic destruction of Primitive Man will likely penetrate the upper echelons of your pain threshold.

Primitive Man have earned a reputation as one of the harshest and most prolific exponents of sludgy doom metal. The trio knows just how to handle dissonance, grinding repetition and sharp changes in tempo (they keep things sloooow and very heavy!).

Their vision is bleak, and it draws on the techniques of death and doom metal to create loathsome long-form tracks, which often turn to violence and anger in a red flash.

Primitive Man’s second album, Caustic (2017), was the one that really cemented the group as one of the most exciting within the sludgy doom metal genre. Heralded as one of the most brutal albums in recent years, it is a record so compositionally forceful and with such a grisly demeanor that it still makes most other loud rock releases sound subdued.

In 2020, the band released its latest album, Immersion. It maintains the intensity and has been called “the most anguished-sounding” of their releases. No doubt that you are immersed into utter despair. Primitive Man make it their artistic goal to be primal in its attacks.

When Primitive Man plays live, you are struck (not powerful enough), hit (nah, harder) bulldozed (now we’re talking!) by the massive sound levels. A Primitive Man show is meant to be L-O-U-D and heavy. They play through a massive amount of equipment, which, according to the band, double what has traditionally been allowed in most of the EU. So prepare for a slow and menacing experience!