Sunday 26 June 2022
A speech school that trains young people in getting their message across

Rooted in rhetorical theory, Røst is teaching young people to express themselves with power and dignity helping them articulate their thoughts, experiences, opinions and dreams in a speech. 

Volunteers from Røst will gather statements from the campsite and from this create a crowdsourced speech that a Danish artist will present on the Arena stage.

It is a format that Røst previously did at Roskilde Festival 2019 in collaboration with Danish artist Lydmor. 

Young voices in Flokkr
Røst is also doing a morning assembly in our community centre Flokkr with Emma Holten as host, with a number of young speakers who deliver food for thought.

The speakers are: Anna Katharina Wørmer, Anna Bjerre Johansen, Aviaja Skotte, Magnus Emil Høgsbro-Nielsen, Yasemin Yavari, Ronas F. Korkmaz, Emily Olander Christiansen and Jonas Tvede.

Parading in Clean Out Loud
Moreover, Røst teams up with Clean Out Loud for a garbage parade in the community camping area. The parade will be a TrashMob, collecting garbage and cleaning up the camp site. There will be speeches, music, focus on sustainability and diversity and open invitations to everybody to join in. 

Røst is a speech school that works to give young people the belief that they can use their voice to create the change they want. They give young people professional rhetorical training so that they can participate in the public conversation. By training rhetorical skills and working with body language and voice training, the speakers strengthen their rhetorical abilities and the belief that their voice matters.