- Tuesday 28 June 2022

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Stand up for your rights

With music and art as the engine and human rights as the fuel, young activists drive a vibrating platform right into the middle of the campsite.

Ignited by the message RE:ACT HUMAN RIGHTS, we open the gates to three days of human rights.

Here, you can meet artists who raise their voices for more equality, speak against the patriarchy and zoom in on indigenous peoples’ rights and artistic freedom.

You can take part in workshops that will give you an insight into the rights that asylum seekers lose. And when experiencing seductive artworks, surprising performances and a vogueing dance activist, we'll get you up to speed on your rights and geared up to stand up for the rights of others.

RE:ACT HUMAN RIGHTS is a collaboration between Rapolitics, the Danish Institute for Human Rights and Roskilde Festival. RE:ACT is part of the Human Rights Alliance and is supported by the Tuborg Foundation and CISU.