Friday 1 July 2022
Electropunk from hard-hitting and exciting Swedish voice

What do you get when you combine dark dance music, leather and cyberpunk?

The answer is REIN.

REIN is the brainchild of Swedish artist Joanna Reinikainen who exudes an eruption of attitude and aggression.

She builds a stylistically varied concoction of EBM, electro and pop that hits you right in the guts while at the same time inviting you out on the dancefloor.

REIN employs both soft singing and angry shouts. Her lyrics are suitably cyberpunk, dealing with existence and technology with references to sci-fi films and Philip K. Dick.

Her sound has led to comparisons to both Nitzer Ebb and Priest. As a matter of act, the latter has also contributed with some songwriting for REIN’s smashing debut album REINCARNATED from 2020.

REIN’s unique sound and style have led to two P3 Guld nominations in Sweden as well as a nomination for album of the year by music magazine GAFFA in Sweden – and she has taken home an award for best electro release from SKAP (Sweden’s association for music creators).

Most lately, REIN has released the Transmutation EP on which she has teamed up with French producer Djedjotronic and further explores the cold and mechanical world of music.

Dance your way into the darkness together with REIN. Want a pretaste of what you can expect? Look right here.