Sunday 26 June 2022
Intimate alternative pop music that exposes everything with a great beauty

"I'm a Girl" is a song from the Danish band Reveal Party. A track that beautifully glides forward with guitars, synths and a generally slightly distorted sound. Something's cracking the surface. Everything is not harmonious.

This type of tension moves through the musical universe presented by Reveal Party.

Emily Holm Nyhuus is fronting Reveal Party, and "I'm a Girl" is a personal gender statement from a transgender person.

The personal is common to Reveal Party’s music. And when you listen you can’t help but feel you’re reading the pages of a diary. That's how intimate it feels.

The musical backdrop supports this idea perfectly.

The music is immediate, melancholic and at the same time completely exposed. The melodies are understated, gently noisy and almost with a lo-fi approach while Emily's vocals tell stories while baring herself. In other words, it's a perfect soundtrack to thoughtfulness and the more blue-tinted moments in life.

If you love the intimate spaces that Phoebe Bridgers, Julien Baker and Soccer Mommy can conjure up with their music, Reveal Party is just up your alley.

Listen to the 2020 EP You Stole a Year of My Life and fall in love with Reveal Party’s music. Then we’ll see you in front of the Rising-stage when Emily and the rest of the band exposes everything with great beauty.