Friday 1 July 2022
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Eccentric English songwriter teams up with Finnish experimental rock group for a genre-challenging gig

Richard Dawson is one of the most distinctive figures on the new English folk scene. A singer-songwriter who seems deeply rooted in the more demonic and experimental corners of folk music, which is conveyed with an almost jarring experience of his expressive voice and idiosyncratic guitar playing.

Dawson is a master of British dark humour and the grotesque but there is always a human compassion present in his songs which offer up stories populated by a motley gallery of characters.

This was evident on Peasant, Dawson's critically acclaimed 2017 album which ended up on several best-of-year lists, and which delved into a medieval universe.

On the equally acclaimed follow-up, 2020, Dawson continues his tragicomic portrayal of human existence but this time around with a focus on modern man's anxieties, insecurities and struggles to find some sort of meaning. The result is a peculiar mix of English folk music, twisted synths and rough guitars.

Most recently, Dawson has teamed up with Finnish band Circle who has released a staggering number of albums, collectively spanning everything rock from prog, hard and glam to space and kraut. An odd couple, perhaps, but perfect playmates. Together, they have made the record Henki, which is a concept album about historical botany. Musically, it has been described like a meeting between Neu! and Judas Priest.

Richard Dawson and Circle will share the stage when they perform at Roskilde Festival 2022. Expect a hilarious, vivid and different experience when Dawson returns to Roskilde after his successful gig in 2018.