Friday 1 July 2022
British heavy hitters marry melody and tough bite in their progressive hardcore

Here is a band that has come a long way in their 17-year-long career.

They started out as teenagers who played jazzy, electronics-laden mathcore band that insisted on keeping things hectic.

Along the way, the Sheffield band included dreamy melodies and ambient textures in their hard-hitting music.

In 2018, Rolo Tomassi’s fifth album Time Will Die and Love Will Bury It blew them up from a cult treasure to cross-party darlings of the international heavyverse. It turned their versatile brand of mathcore to maximalist expressions of shiny beauty and was called “a career high”.

In 2022, the five-piece took high even higher. On their 2022 album Where Myth Becomes Memory the band skitters mischievously around between shimmering shoegaze, excoriating extreme metal, experimental electronics and balls-to-the-wall, left-field hardcore. The album garners even more praise than its predecessor.

And we haven’t even mentioned one of the true triumphs of the band. That’s frontwoman Eva Korman who delivers a perfect Jekyll-and-Hyde balance with her vocal work. At one point, she sings you delicate and bittersweet melodies and the next she’s screaming her lungs out.

Rolo Tomassi is a bombastic live band. They put on a well-crafted live show that is equal amounts ferocious and euphoric, combining the light and the dark. Their audiences keep growing in numbers. And it’s about time, too. After 17 years, this band is finally put in the spotlight.