Tuesday 28 June 2022
Guitar pop with just the right sugary melodies

This talent is just 19 years old. And her songs are like a window into her emotional life. In Roseelu's songs, there are many fluttery emotions at play, which are allowed to fly out like butterflies when the music starts playing.

Roseelu plays some kind of guitar-based, sugary pop rock with melodies that get stuck in your inner ear long after they’ve stopped playing.

She has always had music as a goal in life. Already at the age of 17, she left her hometown for the big city to chase the success.

She's well on her way.

Now shje has a record deal with Universal and is churning out one successful single after another.

She has also collaborated with the producer duo LittGloss on the house-pop song "L.A. Traffic", which has become a hit. It shows how Roseelu's vocals really hit that sweet spot no matter which arrangement and sound it sings on top of.

Lately, Roseelu has started earning her chops on the live stages. Together with a full band, she's ready to take the Rising stage this summer at Roskilde Festival 2022.