- Saturday 2 July 2022

The chandelier hangs from the ceiling and addresses a statement of position in society and a punk-like insistence on self-identity.

When you enter the foyer of the Gloria stage, make sure you look up.

A chandelier hangs from the ceiling, created by artist Sahar Jamili. It is made of metal rings hanging from hooks. On the metal rings are attached hooks with green hair illuminated by green light. 

Sahar Jamili comes from Azerbaijan where the chandelier is a status symbol and a fixture in the living room. The richer you are, the bigger your chandelier.

Jamili's chandelier unites the split between being a Copenhagen punk and an Azerbaijani young person with green extensions, as an insistence on being oneself with an identity composed of fragments.

Jamili marks the feeling of ​losing one's place and regaining it, which clarifies the mechanics of our identity and marks being on the outside as something to care about.

Sahar Jamili (b. 1990) holds a BFA from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and previously studied Chinese and Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Copenhagen. Jamili has recently exhibited at Villa Kultur, Bizarro, WEST BERLIN in Germany and Gallery Steinsland Berliner in Sweden.