Thursday 30 June 2022
Alternative UK rapper kicks down the genre barriers

Do you know House of Pharaohs? They are an alternative UK rap crew who managed to create some buzz. They didn’t care too much about genre boxes. They sold out headline shows and they were featured on Frank Ocean’s Blonded Radio with the track “RWM”.

Sam Wise is a key member from the crew who’s now ventured out on his own.

The rapper has captured the attention of audiences around the world with a jumpy and tongue-in-cheek style, versatile lyrics and laid-back flow. Moreover, Sam Wise radiates a certain positivity and youthful essence!

With features from many big names such as JME and Octavian, the eclectic south London rapper released his debut, Sorry You Were Saying (SYWS), in 2019. Creating a blend of inspired US trap-style music with British rap sounds, he crafts a unique sonic experience that has made the everybody cheer.

Sam Wise is recognised for his ability to jump on any beat and to dabble between genres, keeping his sound refreshing.

In 2021, Wise returned with the mixtape Free Game which solidifies his transatlantic potential, merging a homegrown, bullish charm with a crossover sound conjuring the best of trap, boom bap and breezy atmospherics.

Look forward to experiencing one of today’s biggest rap talents out of the UK. If there ever was a musical rule book, Sam Wise is the one tearing it up with his sounds, loaded with curiosity and positive messages!