- 2 Saturday 2 July 2022

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Be a part of this listening party that pays tribute to female musicians who has pushed musical and societal boundaries and whose stories deserve to be heard

What's That Noise?

That’s both a question and the title of an atmospheric listening party that weaves together live music, stories and recordings from select female artists of the past.

Host and director Sandhya Daemgen will lead you through an inclusive and diverse narrative of musical history centering on the personal and political stories of these women.

The piece offers a platform to current musicians to compose and perform original music inspired by those who came before them.

What’s That Noise? is an ongoing series started in 2015 and takes place in various art, performance and music spaces and festivals. This time at Roskilde Festival.

Sandhya Daemgen is a choreographer, musician and curator based in Berlin, who works with the body, voice and sound in interdisciplinary projects. Alongside What’s That Noise?, she leads an embodied listening workshop, hosts a radio show on Colaboradio and is associated curator of Ausufern Festival and Radialsystem in Berlin. She is interested in ideas and practices exploring sound as experienced through our bodies and how this can lead to new modes of personal and societal interactions.