Friday 1 July 2022
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Three excellent producers – DJ Florentino, Kelman Duran and DJ Python – form a super trio to develop a bloodline of reggaeton

Reggaeton – an intoxicating blend of Spanish-language reggae, dembow rhythms and dancehall – is an adaptable, living genre that has been booming for quite a while now. It keeps finding ways into pop music, electronic music, rap and what-else – from street raves to pop charts. It always makes an impact. And it keeps evolving.

Now, with Sangre Nueva (translates to ‘new blood’) we might come close to something of a perfection of the impact. At least in this set-up.

Sangre Nueva is the name of the project that brings together DJ Florentino, Kelman Duran and DJ Python, three producers hailing from Colombia, the Dominican Republic and Ecuador/Argentina (via New York).

In 2021, they got together to create something bigger and better together. They want to develop the bloodline of reggaeton. One result so far is the EP, Goteo, that funnels hybrids of reggaeton into deep house and elements of rhythm and grime.

At Roskilde Festival 2022, the trio will play a hot, enticing and highly danceable show that will give us all a lesson in what reggaeton can be and where it can go. Don’t miss it!