Friday 1 July 2022
The Danish wonderkid is ready for his third gig at Roskilde Festival

Martin Hedegaard has come, he has seen, and he has indeed conquered. Especially, of all places, at Roskilde Festival!

His danceable, soulful and grandiose Saveus project demonstrated star potential when he played a beyond convincing debut concert on Countdown, our stage for upcoming talent. The year was 2016.

Just two years later, he was facing his career's greatest challenge: opening the Orange Stage. Not only did Saveus' bombastic and soaring electro-pop feel naturally at home on Roskilde Festival’s main stage. The kingpin himself owned the stage with a presence and an intensity that kicked off the 2018 festival in style (just look here).

A few months prior to Roskilde 2018, Saveus released their debut album, Neuro, which poured out streams of both emotion and vigour. With inspirations from both house, electro, gospel and pop and with Hedegaard's stunning vocals ranging from the deep to the sky-high falsetto, Saveus sent his songs towards the stars. The reviews were positive and the Saveus fan club accepted loads of new members.

Now, new challenges await: The success is to be followed up. Hedegaard has been busy in the practice room, and 2022 will be the year when Saveus presents new material (listen to the brand-new single “Dark Vibrations”). The band is also ready to head back out on the live stages. It is only obvious to invite Saveus back to Roskilde Festival for a new triumph.

It will be with the songbook full of new tunes and with great appetite to knock all music lovers off their feet as they have done twice before.

Come and be, if not saved, then at least struck by Saveus at Roskilde Festival 2022.