Saturday 2 July 2022
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Trance group ready to make you lose your inhibitions

Seni Reak Juarta Putra is one of the original REAK trance groups out of Java, Indonesia.

REAK is the local name of this certain style of trance, which is known to be the the roughest, most unpolished and mythical version of trance in Java. REAK is found in its original form in several groups in the outskirt mountain areas of the Bandung city area, central Java, faraway and secret to any sort of tourism and general public habits.

The group Seni Reak Juarta Putra is a collective consisting of more than 50 people, dedicated to serving their village Cileunyi with rituals every weekend and thousands of locals attending.

The REAK rituals are as such open to anyone and serve not as much as a performance but more as an outlet for the peoples.

Seni Reak Juarta Putra has never been outside of Indonesia before, and if we were to pick one perfect place for them to play for an ever curious and open-minded audience, it would be at Roskilde Festival.

Seni Reak Juarta Putra brings real trance and possession rituals to Roskilde. They will play a ‘regular’ concert in our main programme as well as head out on for a celebration somewhere at the festival site. Not to be missed!