Monday 27 June 2022

– Tuesday 28 June 2022

Controversial rap group with hard aesthetics taken directly from the concrete jungle

They come from the ghetto in Trillegården in the Danish city Aarhus, they make drill rap and they have made headlines with their fierce aesthetics.

Shooter Gang is a trio consisting of Tan, Belly and Dinero. Their aggressive rap has grown from the drill genre that originates in Chicago. In the group's music videos, they perform with masks and knives, they deal drugs and fire guns.

This is music depicting real life! Shooter Gang tells stories about how life is in the Danish ghettos. It is tough and rough and uses the same colour palette at the merciless grey of the ghetto’s concrete buildings. Danish TV has made a portrait of the group in the documentary "Ghettostjerner" (‘ghetto stars’).

Tan, Belly and Dinero shared an interest in music. They had fun rapping some bars in their hood. When the local library had a music studio available where the lads could make a recording, they did their first track together. That was "Mask på" (‘mask on’). From here on things went fast. Universal Music were quick to sign the group, they came up with a name and then Shooter Gang was reality.

Shooter Gang is a manic and energetic entity on a live stage. The three rappers have a great chemistry amongst them. At the same time, they know how to start a party. Watch this live medley and you’ll quickly get a sense of how the energy really comes out of the screen.

Get ready for a tough and fun live show together with Shooter Gang and their bleak diary entries from the concrete jungle. Come join us when they take the Countdown stage at Roskilde Festival.