Saturday 2 July 2022
This girl doesn’t shy away – get ready for some futuristic club-rap bangers!

There’s nothing shy about Shygirl!

The London-based rapper and songwriter makes brash, sexually charged pop songs that draw from grime, post-industrial hip-hop and experimental club styles.

And she has really evolved into the soundtrack of the moment.

Shygirl frequently collaborates with producer Sega Bodega with whom she co-founded the NUXXE label and collective – and she has additionally worked with like-minded experimentalists like SOPHIE, Arca and Zebra Katz.

Shygirl has released a couple of EPs – Cruel Practice (2018) and ALIAS (2020) – both of which have been met with raving reviews (just look here and here). Both EPs maintain a dark, provocative edge and A LOT of sauciness. And even though the music can be gritty, she also makes sure to make room for both ecstatic house, pop trance and elements of techno.

Shygirl’s voice is characteristically buttery soft but she handles her lyrics with venomous precision, knowing when to bite and when to soften.

In 2021, the English musician released a performance film, a long-form live realisation of the ALIAS EP, which also includes a new collaboration with slowthai, the X-rated sex rap of “BDE”.

Now, Shygirl is gearing up for her debut album. The first single off that album, “CLEO” is something different. With strings, romantic atmospheres and a soft house beat, she sings and raps a dedication to the ones who has made her feel special. She even took the song into Abbey Road Studios for a live session joined by an 18-piece string ensemble (watch it here).

Don’t be shy but come up close to the stage and have a ball with Shygirl when she plays Roskilde Festival 2022.